• Dashboard app with Analytics, Orders Feed, Charts, Sales Feed, Products and Customers
  • Complete Kotlin source code, built in Android Studio
  • 4 types of charts
  • Optimized for all Android versions and devices
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Money back guaranteed


Launch Your Dashboard Android App Today

Looking to build a mobile app for data visualization, such as business monitoring, orders / sales feeds, analytics dashboards, charts, employee directory, task management, etc? This Android dashboard app template is the best place to start with.

Our beautiful dashboard app template will save you weeks of development and thousands of dollars, by getting you a stunning UI, that’s fully implemented in Kotlin, the modern Android programming language.

Just hook up your data feeds and launch your app to the Google Play today!

Functional Kotlin project to make your own Android Dashboard App Template for your business. Download this starter kit and launch to Play Store today.

  • Save weeks of development
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel

30+ Ready To Use Screens

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  • Charts
    • Line Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Multi-bar chart
  • Sales Feed / Orders Feed
  • Customer Management
  • Employee Directory
  • Task Management
  • Notifications Screen
  • Activity Feed Screen
  • User Management
    • Login with Facebook
    • Login with E-mail and Password
    • Registration
    • Backend Integration with Firebase Auth
    • Logout
  • Date Range Selector
  • Navigation Drawer
  • Intro screens (Walkthrough)
  • Material Design
  • Progress Indicators

Do you want to build an Android app to display data or analytics on an Android device? This Android dashboard app template makes that extremely easy. Beautiful UI, awesome UX, and high quality modern code, completely written in Kotlin. It mixes slick, gesture-based navigation on views for dashboard, data feed, and detailed analytics. It also conforms to the Material Design guidelines, advocated for by Google.  All you need to do is just hook a data feed into the Dashboard template, and your app is ready to be published to the Google Play Store.

Are you looking to learn how to implement a charts app in Kotlin? This Android Kotlin starter kit is the best boilerplate code project to bootstrap your app development. Learn Kotlin by building a project practically.

Is there anything missing from our awesome Android Dashboard App Template? Please let us know. At Instakotlin, our mission is to provide the most complete Android app templates available on the market.

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